Roses in December

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ISBN: 9780929540580
Publisher/Vendor: Publishing Designs Inc
Author/Contributor: Jane McWhorter
Binding: Paperback

Lessons from the Scriptures about Remembering

Relax, and walk down memory lane in the Scriptures. How has God preserved memories for His children? Why is the brain designed to forget, as well as to remember? What are the “remembering” responsibilities of a Christian? How can I make and preserve good memories?

Grab an up-close view of feasts, altars, stones, rods, and even food all used by Jehovah to stamp His imprint on His offspring. Visit Bible characters that life and breathe as they beg: “Remember me.” Since we are made in God’s image, why should we be surprised when we echo His sentiment, “Remember Me!” Jane McWhorter brings “Remember” lessons up close and personal. Lots of “how-to” illustrations.

13 chapters. Questions.

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