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UPC: 9780890982587
UPC: 9780890982587
Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Author/Contributor: Marshall Keeble
Media Type: MP3 Audio

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Marshall Keeble preached his first sermon at Jackson Street Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee in 1897. After many years of service in the Lord’s kingdom, Brother Keeble passed from this life on April 20, 1968.

These recordings are a tribute to the man, the vital Christian service he rendered to everyone, and the esteem in which he continues to be held.

Brother Keeble was indeed a legend in his own time. He personally baptized more than 40,000 people. This CD collection of four outstanding sermons is a tribute to the man and his vital Christian service to all men.

The Doctor Who Never Lost a Case
There’s Water in the Plan
The Great Physician
All Men One in Christ

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