Some Things We Ought to Do

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Publisher/Vendor: Conchin Books
Author/Contributor: Willard Conchin
Binding: Saddle Stitch
Those who use this workbook will need a King James Version. Otherwise, filling in the blanks may become a problem, since versions differ in exact wording.

The book might have been called Some Bible Oughts,” but Some Things We Ought to Do was chosen instead. The reason for so many blanks is that the student must actually read each passage before knowing just what to write, and that in itself acquaints the user with the Word of God. We need to know exactly what the Word says.

Table of Contents
Lesson 1: We Ought to Know How to Answer Every Man 1
Lesson 2: We Ought to Give – the More Earnest Heed 5
Lesson 3: We Ought to Speak the Truth With Boldness 11
Lesson 4: We Ought to Know How to Behave Ourselves in the House of God 16
Lesson 5: We Ought to Be Teachers of the Word 21
Lesson 6: We Ought to Bear the Infirmities of the Weak and Not to Please Ourselves 26
Lesson 7: We Ought to Walk as He Walked 32
Lesson 8: We Ought to Think Soberly 36
Lesson 9: We Ought to Obey God Rather Than Men 41
Lesson 10: We Ought Always to Pray and Not to Faint 47
Lesson 11: We Ought to Be Quiet and to Do Nothing Rashly 53
Lesson 12: We Ought to Remember the Words of Jesus 57
Lesson 13: We Ought to Consider Things Both Small and Great 63″
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