The Transforming Word Commentary Series Vol 3: The Prophets (Isaiah to Malachi)

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ISBN: 9781684260522
Publisher/Vendor: Leafwood Publishers / ACU Press
Author/Contributor: Mark Hamilton, editor
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 304

Explore God’s vision for a better world

Sometimes near the king and the temple courts and at other times on the fringes of society, God’s people have always had their social critics. The prophets sought to call everyone back to God’s original design. Their call for justice and mercy and their warnings of impending judgement were later echoed by Jesus. One can’t know him without hearing what the prophets were saying to the people.

Based on the best of recent scholarship, this volume in the Transforming Word series takes the relevance of the prophets seriously and encourages readers with a deeper understanding of their message and calling.

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