Word In The Heart – The Apostles

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Publisher/Vendor: Truth Bookstore Publications
Binding: Saddle Stitch
Pages: 8.0 x 10.5

A study of the apostles for 4th grade students.

1. Jesus Chooses His Apostles
2. Ambassadors for Christ
3. The Spirit of Truth
4. The Master’s Men
5. The Training of the Twelve
6. Simon Peter: The Apostle Who Confessed and Denied Christ
7. James: The First Apostle to Give His Land
8. John: The Apostle Whom Jesus Loved
9. Andrew: The Apostle Who Brought Others To Christ
10. Thomas: The Apostle Who Doubted
11. Matthew: The Apostle Who Was Once A Tax Collector
12. Judas: The Apostle Who Betrayed Jesus
13. Paul: The Apostle Born Out of Due Time

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